Friday funnies

These videos are going to be the theme songs of movies I loved and watched when I was little.

This first one is Little Einsteins. I watched this so many times when I was little because it’s the best. I still remember the songs in the show.

The next one is called Octonauts. I also watched this when I was little and I loved it because it’s in an ocean.

This next one is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I watched this one probably the most because it’s so good. My whole entire family watched this when they were little.

Next is My Little Pony, I watched this one not as much but I still liked it because they’re unicorns.

Next is Barbie, I watched this one a lot too because I think her house and closet is really cool.


What I’m doing for spring break

I am so excited for spring break even though there’s still a few weeks. I have lots of fun things planned for spring break and that why I am excited. First, I’m going to Las Vegas to watch my sisters volley-ball tournament. Then, we are going to stay in Las Vegas for a few more days so we can swim and tan. Next, my family is driving to California where I can visit tons of my cousins. I have tons of family members that live in California so we are all going to visit at my aunts house. Next, we are going to go to the beach all day and eat reallyyyyy good food.



Review on DPMS

Review on DPMS!

I give Draper Park Middle School a 5 out of 5 because I really like most the people here. I’ve never had a teacher that hates me for no reason and DPMS has kept that going. All the classrooms are big, nice, and clean too. There are many different hallways and teachers which makes it more fun to go to school here. There are fun activities to do in every class and every teacher is different. The building itself is newer and provides a lot of classroom utilities. Also the parking lot is super big which makes it easy for parents and teachers to get to and from school. I like Draper Park Middle School because it is so interesting everywhere you go!




Vacation spots

I think there are many good places to go on vacation. Most of my favorite vacation spots have beaches because they are relaxing and at the same time there are many things to do. Some vacation spots with beaches are Hawaii, Newport California, Florida, Europe and more. Vacations are really fun so I like to go on them as much as I can convince my guardians. Another place I like is Saint George and even thought it doesn’t have beaches it has warm temp. weather and nice pools. These are places I mostly like to go to because they are warm and it gives me a break from the cold, winter weather in Utah. When I go on vacation I like to eat lots of sushi and go with friends because it just makes the vacation even more fun!

Google form results

The results are in! I recently made 2 google forms and the first one is “Which one” and the next one is “All About Me Quiz”. If you would like to take these forms I will link them bellow.

Results for “Which one”: There were no responses yet.

Results for “All about me quiz”: There was one response. It shows I love rats, sushi, friends, my favorite foods, colors and more. If you would like to take this form I will link it bellow.

Here is a graph showing the response for “All about me quiz

Google forms:

Which one

All about me

20 by 20

Here are 20 things I want to do before I turn 20!

  1. Travel to Hawaii
  2. Rent a house in Hawaii that looks like this
  3. Live in a house for a little bit with friends in the Hawaii
  4. Save some rats from a hard street life
  5. Go to college with friends
  6. Go to a ton of parties with friends
  7. Stay up all night 5 times
  8. Get really good tickets to shows
  9. Have fun everyday
  10. Make chef food like Maria
  11. Make new friends
  12. Get a ton of things from Zara
  13. Have a job
  14. Make tons of money
  15. Doing dance in college
  16. Going to Newport Beach
  17. Going to a drive in movie like this
  18. Eat a ton of sushi and make some too
  19. Getting a 4.0 grade
  20. Visiting Florida with friends

Gift guide for anyone who’s lonely

People who are lonely need company and rats are a great solution for this. Rats are energetic and they don’t take a lot. Rats will love you and be your best friend unless it gets in a bad habit to bite you. If your rat does this, this gift guid is not helpful for you so just keep passing.

First, to get a rat you need to go to and buy one. You do not need to include a cage because you will be giving your rat to a lonely one. Now put the rat into a cozy box with ribbon on the outside to make it look so fancy and nice for your lonely one.